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Welcoming Tokay Software To The Aquatic Informatics Team

Welcoming Tokay Software to the Aquatic Informatics Team


We want to let you know about some exciting news for the Tokay family – our team is getting stronger to better serve you!

We have joined Aquatic Informatics (AI), the global leader in water data management and analytics. We have a shared water interest with you and our innovative technology helps you more efficiently manage your data and uncover meaningful and actionable insights, allowing for better management of your resources.  AI uniquely provides one platform for all water management programs everywhere water flows, including WaterTrax for drinking water and wastewater compliance, Linko for FOG and industrial pretreatment compliance management, AQUARIUS for source water and receiving water management, and now Tokay for backflow prevention. Together, our teams are stronger and better able to serve you with outstanding customer service, modern software development, and robust IT and security capabilities.

What does this mean for you? There are no immediate changes. It’s business as usual, with continued access to your same talented and dedicated team here at Tokay. Jim McCoy, Lora Peers, and the Tokay Support team are still your main points of contact. If you have any questions, please contact one of us. 

Ed Quilty, President & CEO, welcomes all Tokay customers to the Aquatic Informatics community! Thank you for your loyal support. We are very excited about the expansion of our family and we expect many great things to come. The new combined AI team is 100% dedicated to your continued success!

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