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Additional TokaySQL User License Sets allow for even more users to benefit from the software

The TokaySQL base program includes one license set (2 named users and 1 floating user). If the utility has more than three full-time users additional license sets allow more users to log on at the same time.

Who is it for?

Every utility using the TokaySQL application may benefit from additional user license sets at any time.

How Will it Enhance Business?

The workday’s efficiency and effectiveness can be greatly impeded by the users’ inability log onto the database to carry out their daily tasks. Additional user licenses can remove this roadblock.

Main Benefit

The main benefit of having enough user licenses to meet the needs of the staff is a more efficient

Add User Accounts That Work For You

User Licenses are supplied in sets. A Set includes two “Named” users and one “Floating” user. A Named User would be issued to a person who will use TokaySQL frequently (e.g. daily). A Floating License can be used by any one of multiple people – but only one floating user at a time can access the database. TokaySQL includes one User Set to start. This will allow access by three people at the same time. The addition of an additional User Set will allow access for six people at the same time. Permissions levels can be set from Administrator to User for any Named or Floating User. Additional User Sets can be added at any time.

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