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Inside Tokay Hybrid-Cloud WebTest

Harness the power of the cloud to minimize the backflow program’s data entry tasks while retaining control of the Cross-Connection Control program.

Keep your data on-site and give community testers the ability to enter their test results online with the Tokay Hybrid-Cloud Model.  Join the many utilities around the country who are leveraging the power of the cloud to reduce the bulk of their daily data entry tasks ­— saving time and increasing efficiencies.

What does the data entry screen look like for the tester?

The tester interface is straight-forward and easy to use. Using a simple three screen approach, the tester enters the first screen with their user name and password assigned by the utility. On the second screen the tester selects the company they work for whom when performing the test -. On the third screen, the tester finds the device tested by entering serial number and house number, the hazard ID number or the meter number. The utility controls these search options.

How is utility billed for the tests? 

Tokay sends a monthly invoice for each test entered in the previous month. After your website is set up and you  have completed  three training sessions, you will have a free month of test entries, allowing the utility to enter tests as a “tester”.

What happens if the tester keeps entering the same test?

Serving a number of utilities for over six years, repeated tests have not been an issue.

In order to avoid multiple test entries for the same test we display the date of the last test on three screens: the device audit screen, the test report screen and the ‘submit test’ screen. If you find a tester is ignoring all of these ‘warnings’ and submitting a test more than once you can easily halt their web test permissions.

To Summarize:

  • Save hours in data entry.
  • Have Tthe tools you need to evaluate a tester’s performance as well as the assembly’s performance.
  • Increase professionalism with testers, improving your working relationship.
  • Receive a Confirmation numbers are tests are submitted.
  • Perform tests in the field using a tablet.


How does Tokay WebTest actually work?

  1. Testers go to your website where they’ll find a link to the Tokay WebTest site.
  2. Testers log into the site using an assigned user name and password. User names and passwords can be assigned by you or automatically assigned by the Tokay application.
  3. Testers can look up the backflow assemblies using several different search options – serial number plus house number, meter number or hazard ID.
  4. Once the assembly is located, the testers enter the test results and move onto the next assembly. If there are multiple assemblies at an address, all devices are displayed.
  5. Tests go into a shopping cart. The tester can submit the tests one at a time or in groups.
  6. Submitted tests, suggested changes and replaced assembly information are transferred nightly from our hosted website to your server. The utility initiates the exchange over a secure connection.
  7. Test results are passed from the Tokay WebTest site to your server simultaneously, while data is transferred from your database to the hosted site. The information includes: testers, test companies, test kit information, assembly information and service addresses. All data is encrypted and transmitted over secure channels. The transmission is initiated by your server; the WebTest server does not have the ability to connect to your server. The entire process is completed in several minutes.
  8. Test results and tester suggested data changes are available to you when you open the Tokay application. As the test results are loaded, they pass through a customizable audit process. You have the ability to accept or reject tests. Accepted tests will automatically be rescheduled.


Why has Tokay WebTest proven to be the best way to accept backflow test results on-line?

Tokay Hosts the Site.

We take care of all the technical issues for setup and ongoing daily use. Very little of your own IT resources are needed, saving your IT folks a considerable amount of time.

The Site’s Available 24/7.

Our WebTest staff is focused on WebTest and only WebTest. We oversee the site twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The Site Works!

The Tokay WebTest site is not in the planning stage, not in the development stage and long past the testing stage. The site is in use by hundreds of testers who have entered thousands of tests. Utilities across the country have saved untold hours of manual test data entry.

No Development Costs.

The development costs for WebTest were formidable, but we’re able to justify that investment because of the quantity of Tokay users that would potentially benefit from the site. Given the large number of currents users and future users we’re able to bring you a state- of- the- art site with many valuable features and tools.

Data Security.

Nothing is more important than security. The security of data is foremost on everyone’s mind. In contrast to the sensitive data on your utility servers the data on the Tokay WebTest site is minimal and not at all sensitive.


The site is highly customizable by the utility. You can control screen messages, tester permissions, what data you will or will not accept and how it should be submitted, etc.

Field use

We enable testers to have versatility, in the field testers can enter tests on a tablet. They can submit the tests at any time. Testers can suggest changes and they can report  the details of a replaced device.

Tester has history.

Audit system

The built-in audit system enables you to find any data entry errors that may have occurred in the field.

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