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Tokay Mail

Utilities struggle with three time-consuming tasks. None of these tasks require or make good use of the backflow prevention program’s trained personnel. The first time-drain is entering test results, the second is keeping up with mailing addresses and the third is sending backflow notices. Tokay can help you with all three.

Tokay WebTest solves the problem of manually entering test results.

Linking the backflow records to water records solves the problem of keeping mailing addresses current.

And Tokay Mail uses the power of the cloud to eliminate the third time-consuming task of sending notices.

Having Tokay send your test due notices (first class) to the mailing addresses of your choice saves time. Most backflow assemblies are tested after the first notice. Second notices will be sent to those customers that do not test. The notices are printed on the utility letterhead and the backflow staff controls the text. Contact us for more information.

Both the TokaySQL Hybrid-Cloud and Tokay Navigator Hybrid-Cloud enable utilities to benefit from the power of the cloud without losing control of the backflow program. Hybrid-Cloud functionality is built-into every Tokay software application.

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