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Keep mailing addresses current automatically. Know where all your water is going and how it’s used.

We link your backflow records to your water records. We load all the data in the water billing software that will help achieve your backflow program goals. You will know where the water is going and how it is being used. You will know if the water customer is residential on non-residential. We load the meters and water service status. You will know if the water is active or if the building is vacant.

Tokay Software is the only backflow prevention software provider who has been able to successfully and consistently link the backflow database to the utility billing database.

Who it is for?

Every water purveyor needs to link their backflow program database to their water records. Regardless of size of your community or your backflow program, you will benefit greatly from all the link has to offer.

How Will It Enhance Business?

Every backflow prevention program benefits by having current data; every water service will be in your database. Some services have backflow assemblies installed, some will need them and some may need them in the future. No matter what the status of the service, they all will be in your line of vision and under your control.

The link saves an enormous amount of manual data entry time. Mailing address are updated electronically as often as you like. New water services are loaded every time the records are updated. New water customers and changes in water usage are flagged for ease of administration.

Main Benefits:

  • Save multiple hours of manual data entry time
  • Centrally access all water customer mailing and service addresses
  • Electronic address updating — data remains current
  • Preserve the integrity of the backflow program

We Do The Heavy Lifting…

The link between the water records and the backflow records is built on a file exported from the water records on a time schedule of your choosing. The field is given to us one time. We merge the water records with your existing backflow records and we populate your backflow database will all the water customers. We setup the Tokay database to continue to read the water database export file. You can update your records wherever you choose.

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