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A TokaySQL tool for organizing the database to fit specific needs

The TokaySQL base application includes two datasets. Datasets are organizational tools allowing you to group your records by broad categories (e.g. Residential and Non-residential). Some utility programs benefit from additional groupings. For example: a utility serving three counties might like to separate the data into three distinct datasets. Alternatively, a utility with many surveys to conduct may prefer to group all the addresses needing a survey in one dataset. Most utilities find two datasets meets their needs, however additional datasets are always an option.

Who is it for?

Every TokaySQL user may have a need for an additional dataset at any time, and we are happy to help.

How Will it Enhance Business?

Organizational tools are valuable when they will fill a need. Having the right tool to do the job saves time and money.

Primary Benefit

The main benefit is organizational improvements. A tool that helps you plan and effectively carry out the utility goals cannot be under estimated.

Expandability Within Your Program

Datasets allow you to group and organize your records to meet the needs of the backflow program and the program’s goals.

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