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Workshops get you started quickly, on the right foot and headed in the right direction.

Tokay Software on-site workshops are real time-savers for everyone involved in your backflow prevention program. By allowing time to focus on what you want from your program and for your program, you can perfect it. We ask questions, listen and take detailed notes. By helping you organize your tasks and rollout, we can efficiently set up the software to meet the needs of the program you want to run. 

Who it is for?

If you are a TokaySQL user or a Navigator user, if you want to get started quickly, or revitalize an existing program, a Tokay Workshop is key. Every utility (regardless of size) and every user benefits from a workshop.

How Will it Enhance Business?

Workshops are the fastest way to jump-start new backflow programs or re-organize and re-activate an existing backflow program. For three intense days, two Tokay staff will be on-site to focus on program goals, data and user understanding. On the afternoon of the final day, you will be pleasantly surprised with how much has been accomplished — you will be far ahead of where you were on the morning of day one.

Main Benefits:

  • Getting Started Quickly
  • Validating the Data
  • Organizing the Information
  • Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Tokay & You – Perfecting Your Backflow Prevention Program Together!

A Tokay Workshop is a totally hand-on approach to system setup and training unlike any training you have ever experienced. We start by just listening. Then we take what we learned and distill it down to the essentials. We set up the software to do what you need it to do and then we train you how make the best possible use of the software tools to meet your specific program needs. Most importantly, we make sure your data is both ‘clean’ and meaningful.

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