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Software Training The Tokay Method

Software Training the Tokay Method

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There are several levels to knowing how to use the Tokay Software application to administer your backflow prevention program. After more than twenty-five years of working hand-in-hand with our users, we know that each user needs to master each level at their own pace — and have built our training around this methodology.

To meet your program goals:

  • Users need to feel comfortable with the software.
  • They need a global understanding of the goals of the backflow prevention program.
  • They need an understanding of the tasks necessary to meet the program goals.
  • They need an understanding of how the software works.
  • And they need to be able to use the software tools to work with the program’s data.

Using software to oversee a backflow prevention program is not a rote task. Competency is a function of understanding; it is an on-going process. In our experience, every user learns how to use the software, although some may take a bit longer than others.

In respect to the Tokay philosophy of training, when we train, we act as “learning facilitators” not “teachers.” Given the varied needs and the constantly changing landscape of most backflow prevention programs, we aspire to help the users grow towards competency through understanding, rather than isolated, task repetition.

We train users as a group, around a conference table and showcase the Tokay Software program on a large screen. We delve deeply into the administrative constructs of your backflow program. We “teach” the software tools as they relate to the needs of your backflow prevention program. Our trainers enter data as a modeling mechanism, then pass the keyboard around the table. The first user enters data until she/he is comfortable with the task, then passes the keyboard to the next person. The first person often guides the current keyboard operator. Our trainers are always ready to provide assistance whenever necessary. Questions come up as the keyboard travels. We answer each question and use it as a springboard to add even more, related information. Our goal is to grow each user’s knowledge base.

In contrast, many software companies train at individual workstations. We find that users seated behind monitors are geographically isolated and prone to wander; distractions are everywhere — from email programs, to internet surfing. In addition, monitor-bound users are unable to experience the nuanced learning that occurs as a function of a shared experience. Isolated environments do not nurture group support or group learning.

When users work together they will most often continue to work together after the workshop. This is a valuable asset to your program. We work as a group because it has proven to work best.

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