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Simple to learn and easy to use, the Tokay Navigator Hybrid-Cloud will meet all of your program needs with minimal time on task.

The Tokay Navigator Hybrid-Cloud is designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized water utilities. The Navigator Hybrid-Cloud includes all the tools youTokay Navigator Backflow Prevention Management Software need to address every step of building and maintaining a Cross-Connection Control program. Users can document surveys/inspections, get backflow devices installed, and track device testing. A seamless link to MS Word and Excel are included. A list of industry approved backflow assemblies is built into the software and updated multiple times a year. With the Navigator, it is easy to schedule multiple activities, send letters, generate summary reports, and document activities.

Who it is for?

Medium to small public and private water utilities and health departments have all found the Tokay Navigator to be the database of choice since it was released in 1999. Written by Tokay software developers using Microsoft programming languages, the application is easy to use and highly effective at carrying out ALL the tasks required of a comprehensive backflow program.

How Will it Enhance Business:

Backflow programs are not easy to administer; there is a great deal of record keeping required. In order to do things efficiently and effectively, you need a central database that can do everything you need. The Tokay Navigator is designed to do everything you need with minimal time on task.

Main Benefits:

  • Planning: All water services are in your backflow database.
  • Organization: All program related information is in one central location.
  • Time Savings: Mailing addresses are updated electronically.
  • Expertise: Train with backflow prevention professionals with over thirty years of experience. 

Flexible & Expandable

The Navigator is available in different size levels. Choose the size level that meets your current needs. We give you full credit for every application investment when you need to upgrade to a larger size. The program ‘counts’ testable backflow assemblies — it does not count water services or ‘records’. We can load any size water customer database in any size Navigator program. The backflow assemblies drive the application size (not the water records).

We publish and support intelligent, well-designed backflow prevention software.

If you are looking for basic backflow prevention software that frees you from manual tasks and is easy to use – the Navigator is a great solution.

If you are looking for basic backflow prevention software that frees you from manual tasks and is easy to use then the Navigator is the best solution.

The Navigator enables your users to do everything needed to execute a comprehensive cross-connection control program, from site surveys to backflow assembly installations and assembly test compliance.

Released in 1999, the Tokay Navigator is a full featured, data driven, 100% Microsoft-based backflow prevention program. With a straightforward user interface and more than two dozen management tools, analyzing and manipulating data has never been easier.

Users can track compliance, quickly generate reports and retain all test history with ease. And, the Navigator backflow prevention software includes the most current US approved backflow assembly list, updated regularly and delivered to you electronically.

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Tokay Navigator Hybrid-Cloud Enhancements

The Tokay Data Link between the Water Customer Database and the Tokay Cross-Connection Control software.

The primary goal of cross-connection control programs is to protect the drinking water supply. In our experience the best way to do this is to start with a database of ALL water services. Trained professionals then make a decision regarding each water service – potential hazard – yes or no. If a hazard exists, a determination is made how to best protect the system from contamination. Sometimes a backflow prevention assembly is the best option. The type of assembly required depends on the level of hazard. Sometimes the hazard is so great a backflow prevention assembly is not sufficient. If a backflow assembly is required, it needs to be installed and tested periodically. Thus, testing is the end result of a good cross-connection control program. It starts with all the water services loaded in Tokay. The Tokay software is designed to support all aspects of a cross-connection control program – starting with the services and ending with testing. We set up the link to meet your goals, priorities, systems and limitations of the system.

Use the Tokay Hybrid Cloud to have testers enter test results online.

Use the power of Cloud technology in combination with in-house Cross-Connection Control program oversight. The hybrid Cloud solution keeps you in control of your data. Tokay assumes responsibility for the time-consuming tasks that take you away from your primary goal – to protect the water distribution system.

Testers enter test results in the field; tests are uploaded to a secure hosted website. Tests are uploaded to the utility the following day. Tests results are reviewed, entered and rescheduled within moments- electronically.

If your needs are greater

If you are tracking over 2,000 backflow assemblies or you need access by many users TokaySQL Hybrid-Cloud will meet your needs. TokaySQL is the most comprehensive Cross-Connection Control administration software available today. It is the best solution for medium to large utilities who want power and efficiency.

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