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TokaySQL Hybrid-Cloud

For larger utilities – includes maximum expandability, full database capabilities and ongoing software enhancements.

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Tokay Navigator Hybrid-Cloud

For small utilities with little expansion needs, our legacy product is tried and true for managing your backflow prevention program.

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We publish and support intelligent, well-designed backflow prevention software.

Our ethos is simple: the software must be straightforward to use and it must meet the needs of every backflow prevention program administrator.

Matt Benton, Compliance Specialist II
Sarasota County Public Utilities (South West Florida)

Matt Benton, Compliance Specialist II of Sarasota County Public Utilities (South West Florida), needed software that would enable himself and his co-workers to organize and structure a sizable Cross-Connection Control program. They needed flexibility. They needed data management tools. Over the years past, there had been several missteps. Now they knew they wanted software that was specifically designed to oversee a comprehensive backflow prevention program.

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