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How Our Hybrid-Cloud Tech Will Make Your Backflow Prevention Testers The Most Efficient Staff On Your Team

How Our Hybrid-Cloud Tech Will Make Your Backflow Prevention Testers the Most Efficient Staff on Your Team

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Tokay Software knows the business of backflow prevention. We know the people in the field, their work and what they need. We’ve been supporting utilities and others in the field  for over thirty years. Our software is currently protecting water supply from contamination in 47 States as well as in England, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. And we know our users, their struggles, and what they need because we have over 4,000 customers and we offer them world-class support. We talk with these guys, backflow prevention testers, every day.

With our intimate knowledge of backflow prevention, we’ve been able to offer one of the only innovations in the field: our Hybrid-Cloud technology. The mechanics and science behind backflow prevention hasn’t changed in 100 years. The equipment itself is often dated and the tests themselves haven’t changed either. Our tech is the only new kid on the block and it’s revolutionizing the industry – and making the work of backflow prevention testing staff much more efficient and quicker.

Our Hybrid-Cloud makes the information recorded in the field by testers available instantly. This tech allows the testers out in the community to conduct their tests and from that exact location, send their reports to the customer, to their own database and to any other user. No more paperwork back at the office being entered into the computer, printed out and mailed to customers. The reporting happens in real time.

We’ve known testers that used to not only send a physical copy in the mail to their customers but also send a redundant fax and then a follow up email to make sure their customer received the report. When using our Hybrid-Cloud, a confirmation number is given when the data is uploaded or submitted and so the tester has confirmation that their customer has the report at that moment. No more need for follow up or redundant reports.

The city of Miami, Florida has 2.5 million water users and previously had two full time staff occupied with the task of creating reports and sending them to their users. This is redundant work that doesn’t always feel very meaningful. After putting our software in place, Miami was able to move those workers into more meaningful roles in the community to protect their drinking water.

Make your backflow prevention testers the most efficient staffers on your team!  Connect with us about getting your data in the cloud. It will be more secure and easy to access. We’ll support the transition and your software in perpetuity.

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