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101.1 Backflow Prevention Management Glossary of Terms

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Back Siphonage
Negative pressure- water is pushed back into the supply system by atmospheric pressure (14.7>sia) (pounds per square inch absolute or zero gauge pressure- at sea level)

• A reversal of the normal direction of flow
• Back Pressure- Customer side has greater pressure than the supply side

Consumer’s Responsibilities
• Prevent contaminates from entering water
• Maintain quality of water in facility
• Follow local plumbing codes
• Other duties assigned by water purveyor
• Mitigation of backflow incidents

Contractors, Plumbers, Testers
• Comply with plumbing codes
• Comply with local ordinances
• Installation, maintenance, & repairs of backflow prevention assemblies

Cross Connection
A link between a potable water system & a non-potable system

Federal Law
• SDWA (Safe Drinking Water Act) Federal Mandate 1974
• Set maximum contaminate level
• Recommended backflow prevention

High Hazard
Health risk (contaminate)

Individual Responsibilities
• Water Purveyors
• Consumer
• Regulatory Officials
• Consulting Engineers
• Contractors, Plumbers, Testers Water/Wastewater Reuse Personnel

Low Hazard
Not appealing (pollutants)

Maximum Contaminate Levels
• Measured at the customer’s tap
• Plumbing not controlled by the water purveyor
• Courts rule warrant required for entry
• SDWA modified to reflect above

Non-Potable Source
Any liquid, gas or other substance that can be diluted, dissolved suspended or mixed in water that adversely affects the quality of the water

Number 1 Cross Connection
The garden hose

Plumbing Codes
• The uniform plumbing code
• Standard Plumbing Code (Southern Standard)
• Boca National Plumbing Code
• National Plumbing Code
• National Standard Plumbing Code

Potable Water
Water that is chemically and biologically safe and aesthetics pleasing

Regulator Officials
• Promulgation & enforcement of regulations
• State- EPA
• Health department
• Plumbing inspectors

Responsibilities & Liabilities
• Define warranty
• Implied warranty
• Breach of warranty
• Not automatic with law violation
• Compliance with law does not eliminate liability
• AWWA policy statement

Water Purveyors Responsibility
• Supply safe potable drinking water
• Primary responsibility for preventing BF
• Reasonable & prudent decision maker
• Comply with Federal and State regulations
• Mitigation of backflow incidents
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