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You came to this website because you have, or are starting a backflow prevention program. You know you need the right software to keep track of everything and are trying to figure out your best option.

Choose Tokay Software because it will make your job easier, don’t believe us? Keep reading or give us a call 1.877.546.5699
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You could use the water customer database, but the open fields are seriously limited and the software isn’t that easy to use. You may be thinking about using your asset management software, but you don’t own the backflow assemblies – your water customers own them. There is always Excel, but it is not the right tool for scalability. The best software tool is always software designed for a specific task. To oversee a good Cross-Connection Control program, you need good Cross-Connection Control software.

Tokay is your software of choice because we have more than twenty-five years of backflow program administration experience, and have worked with hundreds and hundreds of utilities. We know what works and what does not work (and why). We can convert existing backflow records from any source. We can preload your software with your water customers so you will know where all the water is going (this is the first step in protecting the water system).

Our goals and your goals are the same: protect the water, operate efficiently and be effective. We save you time by helping you set up the software. We train, guide and work to keep you on track.

Tokay Software applications are flexible and easily customized by the user with an array of useful tools. With the link to water records, your mailing addresses are always current. Your software has a list of industry approved backflow assemblies. You can schedule multiple activities. You can generate reports and export to Excel. You can send notices to water customers and backflow technicians. In a nutshell, this intelligently designed software will give you what you need to oversee your backflow prevention program now and for many years to come.

When choosing backflow software, the three most important things to pay attention to are: user support, flexibility and software design.

User Support:

User support is different than technical support. User support is often overlooked and underrated by both software companies and company supervisors and, sometimes, even by the users themselves.

For Tokay, user support means understanding. We want to understand how your program operates so that we can help you understand how to set up and use your software to serve the needs of your specific backflow program.

We want your data to be clean. We want your data entry to be efficient (without duplicate data entry). We train all users as often as they feel the need. We respond to email questions with in-depth answers, often with custom screenshots and appropriate user guides.

We are the only company in the industry that supports your efforts as well as your software.


We do not write custom software. We publish a software application designed to do one specific job. Thousands of users use the application. When we add new features and data management tools, all our users benefit. This is the value of a shared user-base.

Although every backflow prevention program has the same goal (to protect the drinking water) – each program is different; even when utilities are next door to each other. In order for the software to serve every user’s needs, it must be flexible and easily customizable.

Software Design:

Design matters. Good design can make the difference between software that is a delight to use and software that is clunky and counterproductive. We have twenty-five -plus years’ experience in the industry. Our software intelligently addresses all of your administrative needs.

How We Are Different

Who does the data belong to you or the software company?

Unlike nearly all of our competitors, we keep the utility in control of the data. We believe our customers are “lending” us their data so that we can assist them with it. Tokay databases are open; your data is available to you at any time. Other backflow companies lock down access to the data with a developers’ password that is not provided to the user.

Do You Know Where Your Water Is Going?

None of our competitors have managed to successfully link the backflow records to the water records. We define success as having a record for every water service, with a mailing address that stays current electronically. When the backflow records are not successfully “talking” to the water records, it opens the door to incorrect data and devices not getting tested regularly. Tokay links to almost all water billing software and has many years of experience doing so. Nearly all of our users have chosen to link their Tokay Software to their water customer database.

Have the Outsourcers been ‘Knocking at Your Door?

Outsourcing options have sprung up in the last few years. When evaluating this option, utilities need to be aware of hidden costs and the impact on their backflow program. At first glance, outsourcing may look like a great option; for a minimal annual fee, the outsourcer will “do it all.” However, upon closer examination, they actually do not “do it all” and there is still much for the utility to do. What the outsourcer does is send a first test due notice — and for those water customers that do not test, they send a second notice. They eliminate the manual data entry of test results by taking the tests online. They charge the tester anywhere from $9.95 to $25.00 to submit the test. This fee is (of course) passed on to the water customer. What the outsourcer doesn’t do is keep the mailing address current electronically because they cannot link to your water customer database — the water utility is still responsible for keeping addresses current (if they want the notices delivered). When water customers do not test after the second notice, the outsourcer turns them back over to the utility. Now you are back in the business of chasing test reports and entering them manually when you get them.

We Offer A Unique Solution:

We are the only company in the industry that offers a backflow program cloud hybrid model. We enable your testers to enter their tests online. We grade the tests for you and, with a single click, upload the results into your database and reschedule the tests appropriately. We host the Tokay WebTest site; little to none of your utility IT services are required. And because hundreds of utilities are using the site, we are always adding new features and tools for you to benefit from.

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