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Dedicated to the industry since 1986

We are a small company of dedicated water professionals. We publish and support the most comprehensive Cross-Connection Control software and relevant backflow cloud services in the industry.

Our History

We published our first application in 1986. The personal computer industry was young and a group of computer engineers saw a need. Our original DOS application took hundreds of water utilities from index cards and file folders to an organized, easy to use database. More than twenty-five years have gone by and we continue to serve this same industry with excitement to be able to help utilities around the world. In fact, our user group of utilities has grown to several thousand. Although our software applications and services have evolved exponentially, we still support our users with the same care and focus we did in our infancy.

What We Do:

We have assisted hundreds of cities and private water purveyors in the design and installation of Cross-Connection Control/Backflow Prevention program solutions. We provide a wide range of custom-designed tools and the highly important, hands-on training necessary for complete project success.

Our Software Support Services Include:

  • Data Organization
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Validity
  • User Education – software and data management

Our services have consistently produced measurable results in increased productivity, cost reduction and other long-lasting benefits – including an improved quality of life for you and greater employee satisfaction.

We specialize in providing targeted strategies and solutions for Cross-Connection Control programs. We assist our clients throughout the implementation of these solutions and we continue to assist our clients as they move forward with their program.

We put our users’ educational needs first. We guide our users throughout the learning curve and beyond. We help you understand how to make your data work for you. Comfortable, competent users are our best references – we invest the time to make it happen.

We are a different kind of company – we work “hands-on” to deliver on our promises. We support your efforts to operate efficiently and effectively.

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