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Over 4,000 users of Tokay Software’s Backflow Prevention Management Software track over 2.5 million hazards.

Tokay Hybrid-Cloud, the choice for municipalities and utility companies around the world.

Tokay is your software of choice because we have more than twenty-five years of backflow program administration experience. We are invested in our users. We want you to be successful. Running a backflow prevention program is easier and more effective with Tokay Software’s backflow prevention management software. Specific utility needs will be met by TokaySQL Hybrid-Cloud and Tokay Navigator Hybrid-Cloud. Multiple upgrade enhancements will meet every need.

TokaySQL Hybrid-Cloud

TokaySQL Hybrid-Cloud

The Tokay Hybrid-Cloud solution combines the power of the cloud with an on-site database. The utility website is the entry portal for Tokay WebTest. We host the website that accepts the online test results entered by your utility-approved testers. Test results are uploaded to you daily. Tests are then approved, accepted and rescheduled electronically. TokaySQL is a Microsoft SQL database – Microsoft .NET application.  We support all current versions of MS SQL Server, and legacy versions to 2008.

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Enhancement Options

Enhancement Options

The power of Tokay Enhancements to upgrade your software is unparalleled in the industry. The Tokay link to water records results in “smart” Cross-Connection Control software – software that “knows” where all the water is going. Tokay WebTest enables the utility to empower the private testers to enter test results online — saving a monumental amount of time for the utility staff. On-site workshops combine training, data validation and system setup. These are just a few of the enhancements we offer.

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Training And Support

Training and Support

We provide our users with a learning safety net through training and support. We focus on each user’s understanding of both the software and their tasks. We build on each user’s skills at their own pace. From basic software tools to guided data management, we are truly there for every user, every step of the way.

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Why Choose Tokay For Backflow Prevention Management Software?

See how Tokay benefits you.

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Centralized Workflow

We give the user one central location to store, find and track everything to do with the backflow prevention management program. All the water services, current mailing addresses, survey results, device information, history of test results, testers, test companies and test kits – everything in one place and easily accessed.  The Tokay database makes this a reality.

User Customization

We give the user the tools to customize the fields, pick-lists, notices and reports.  The flexibility of the software and the built-in data management tools give the user everything they need to easily customize the software to meet the unique needs of their backflow prevention management program.

Remote Data Entry

Tokay allows users to do something they could not do even ten years ago; users can enter data in the field in real-time. Testers can enter test results on-line, utilities can enter survey results on-line and water customers can fill-in self-surveys on-line. All this adds up to less operator error and tremendous time savings.

Personal Consultation

Tokay works hand and hand with users to overcome any roadblocks encountered administering the backflow prevention management program. We have thirty years of experience in the art of organizing and maintaining a good backflow program. As your personal consultant we share everything we know with you.


TokaySQL and TokayCloud use Microsoft SQL Server databases with overlapping layers of security.  Database security is a core feature of MS SQL Server with two security models.  SQL Server is the least vulnerable database for six years running, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). TokaySQL adds to this built-in security by integrating with Windows Authentication. Security can be managed both within the TokaySQL application and at the database level. Authenticated Logins can be assigned rights by a TokaySQL administrator to control access to specific DataSets, Customizations, Notice Modifications, Application Parameters, PickLists, etc.

Industry Leaders

Tokay Software and Microsoft, both leaders in their industry, paired together offer cross-connection control database management systems with continual improvements to help you get the most out of your ever-expanding responsibilities. Utilities have the confidence that Tokay Software and Microsoft can continue to deliver superior performance even as their needs grow.

.NET Technology

TokaySQL and Tokay Hybrid-Cloud are built on the Microsoft .Net Framework which is installed with the Windows operating system.  The .Net framework is ranked among the most popular and most loved technologies built for mobile, web, cloud and desktop applications.


TokaySQL is a favorite of IT and database administrators for its ease of installation, use and maintenance. Setting up everything, from installing on a VM to maintenance is incredibly easy – especially in comparison to other products. There is no complicated, time-consuming installation required. A typical setup takes just a few minutes – save a few folders and files, create a SQL database, restore a backup and create a desktop shortcut.

Centralized Data

Tokay Software houses all of the Cross-Connection Control data in one central location. The database includes the water services, water customers, mailing addresses, backflow device details, device test history and notices sent (test, installations and inspections). The database also tracks the details of private testers, test kits and test companies. Because Cross-Connection Control programs are federally mandated and they must comply with local ordinances as well as State statures there is a great deal information that must be accounted for (both current and historical). Having all the data in one secure database simplifies the task and minimizes operator error.

User Education and Database Support

Tokay Software focuses on education. Our training is so much more than key-punch training. Tokay Software works with users to help them learn how to best use their software to carry out daily tasks. Our training sessions are rich in understanding because we use real-time utility data. This close working relationship enables Tokay Software to identify when systems should be reviewed and possibly modified resulting in a more effective use of the software to meet the goals of the backflow prevention management program.

Data Transparency

Tokay Software strongly believes that the data belongs to the utility. Users are able to easily view all current and historical data. Data can be filtered and viewed through a number of data management lenses. Tokay Software databases are not proprietary.


Tokay Software’s Hybrid-Cloud service has moved the labor-intensive, time-consuming task of entering backflow device test results to the cloud. Utility staff resources are no longer required – approved testers enter the test results on-line and from the field. Water customer phone calls are minimized by enabling the customer to use a water customer login to check on the status of their backflow devices. The Tokay Software Hybrid-Cloud service enables utility staff to enter site survey results online. The power of Tokay Software’s Hybrid-Cloud service grows daily.

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